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NFT Tools : NFTs had grown significantly in 2021. Metaverse and the integration of NFTs in them have provided a strong use case. Until December 3th, in CoinMarketCap , the NFT marketplace has seen sales worth USD 19 billion who has increased by 29% in the last month. Out of this, 57% is in primary sales. This implies that people find NFT Investment early and then sell them for a profit. We are in NFT Academy help you to find the best NFT Projects.

Can all NFT projects grow or survive at all? We do not think so. Only a few survive and thrive in this space. The key is to find the right project sooner.

“There are so many NFTs out in the Market, how do I choose one which will be rewarding in the long run?” the answer of this question is easy why so Finding good NFT projects is actually pretty easy. NFT’s are driven by the rarity factor, meaning the more rare an NFT is, higher will be the price of the NFT. Hence it will also appreciate in value. So when you find NFT projects, you want to understand who NFT developers and why their NFTs are scarce. follow me to learn you how we can find the best NFTs projects .

Using tools to determine the rarity and right level of an NFT

The top 11 NFT tools

Tools help us to find the good projects and save times, so I intro +15 tools to help you. I Guarantee, if you read this article properly You’re going to find at least two or three tools you’ve never heard of before

1- Rarity Tool

Rarity tools is a fantastic website for finding new mints, as well as underpriced rarest. Therefore, users can use the upcoming mints calendar to see a curated list for the next few weeks and feel what the community is excited for in the next few weeks. Also, users can see who is following these projects and branch off from there.

In Rarity Tools an set the filter to pick the group you are interested in or find your price range or a nice deal. unfortunately some sellers post their price on their sentiment towards the collection and not the actual value. So click each to find the recommended flor price for each trait. Use this tool to find price your NFTs for sale, or see NFTs listed below the suggested floor price.

2- Icy tools

The first thing you see on is “Popular Collections” from yesterday, but if you have a wallet attached, you can take the ranking for the last three days or 15 or 30 minutes. The scoreboard gives you a clear understanding of the floor price, average price, volume and sales of each of the listed collections.

3. opensea

OpenSea is one of the most well-known platforms and home to some of the most popular collections. In addition to an impressive digital art collection, this NFT platform can also serve as an NFT tool for analyzing your future digital art investment.

As a collector, you will find that OpenSea provides a robust ecosystem with an NFT store and data. Having all the information in one place makes it easier to decide on the best NFT to buy.

4. Collab Land

Collab Land opens up exclusive access and limited roles in Discord servers based on NFTs you hold in your wallet. Really changing the social game in Discord by utilizing what is already in your possession. Or incentivizing you to get what is needed for specific roles. Brilliant!


Identifying opportunities in the NFT space has been of many investors, and has been one of the first NFT tools to deliver it. This NFT tools analysis platform provides users with a leaderboard of the NFT wallets, by total profit made. The insights of the analysis can help you manage your assets and develop a strategy.

6. CryptoSlam

Another top NFT tool for analyzing the market is CryptoSlam. This simple yet powerful platform allows users to discover NFT collections by trading volume. Each NFT collection has a detailed page that includes live sales, marketplace, and minting. For each NFT, you will find a dedicated page with all the information you might need, such as price, special attributes, and rarity rankings.

7. NFT Stats

Another easy-to-use NFT tool is NFT Stats. This NFT platform provides basic insights for NFT suites. NFT rankings include popular collections, new collections and top collections from the last 30 days. Collection rankings include number of sales and total volume.

8. Etherscan

While not the most visually appealing tool to leverage, it gives you real-time on-chain minting and trading activity for ERC-721s, that you can then research further. It also provides a nice overview of popular NFTs on their Non-Fungible Token Tracker rankings dashboard.


Zapper has been a time and life-saver when it comes to having a quick overview of all the NFTs in your wallet. The estimated net worth for your NFTs all together gives a quick idea of the floor prices you’re collections are trading at. Zapper also provides easy access to exchange ETH to USDC and vice versa.

10- NFTBank

If I bought a NFT one Ethereum and I sold it for 2 Ethereum, what do you think? Oh, I made it 1 Ethereum. But you didn’t because there’s an market Commission fee. There are transaction fees. There are buying fees after all those fees, what did I actually make?

In NFTBank is an amazing application and help you to made your own NFT profit and loss tracker that lists out every project invested in. The buy date, the Mint price, how many of them , the market fee and etc. This tool helps you see your overall profit and loss.

11- The Road Map

The roadmap map is one of the most important documents given to the public for essentially every Project. This is the list of upcoming events, drops, and important dates for the Project. The roadmap can be one of the most telling parts of a successful NFT project.

If you are investing in a project for the longer term, a roadmap with strong long-term events is something you should be looking for. Additionally, roadmaps with tons of unrealistic short-term promises are red flags. These are often used to pump the price before a rug pull. These promises come in the form of free airdrops, tokens, benefits, and more.

Therefore, sniffing these red flags out, typically coupled with anonymous, price/floor-oriented developers, is essential in finding rug pulls. On the other hand, a roadmap is a collection guide to the future. Also, deciphering these guides and finding new innovative road maps is key to discovering the most profitable NFT projects.

Finally, a roadmap is typically found on the project website or social media, and it should be one of the first things you look at before investing in a new collection.


What is your goal in buying NFTs? Remember, you’re not worried about whether if the Artwork is at the best standards in terms of art and creativity. Your main goal is to see whether or not, you’ll be able to sell your NFT quickly in the future.

you’re getting in early means you have a good chance to profit in the future. However, you need to find out why and what kind of NFT’s in that project is valuable. Try to look out for rare attributes and properties and see if you can get those for a cheap price.

Here we explained 12 tools to help you to find NFT’s in a very safe way. Notice , what most people do is they go after art and creativity which is not a bad thing, But, the problem is they buy random artworks and to be honest, 90% of the NFT’s in the market looks amazing in terms of art and creativity , but are all of them sell or have good market?

Predicting the future is too hard and no body can guarantees which kind of tokens will be more expensive or trends but the best way is find good Nfts to buy that use tools and fallows trends social media especially twitters . Beautiful Looking Artwork or a NFT Collectible that have futures plan.

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